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German interview about Shadows Collide With People

  • Interviewer: You did this album with your friend Josh, who we heard on Omission, where I said, when we were listening to the song, "Who's that girl?" - but I guess that's normal to you as well, cause you know his voice is like that.
  • John: Well, I mean, he's capable of singing a variety of ways, but as soon as we started playing the recordings for people, people kept asking us who the girl was, but to us it just sounded like him singing. But I'm glad I have a girl because, you know, I write a lot of songs where I want a girl's voice on them, and now I know that I don't need to find a girl, I can just use Josh.
  • Interviewer: Excellent. How does he feel about it?
  • John: He's fine, he's at my dis--, you know, at my service.
  • Interviewer: He's at your service, cool. [translates to german, then goes back to english] - I made a comment on you saying that Josh is at your service, and I wondered, I was thinking to myself, rhetorically question myself to what extent that service might go.
  • John: The same extent... your mother gives to my cock (laughs)


Federation Square Jam 2007


BSSM, big JOSH haha


BSSM, big JOSH haha


Josh Klinghoffer’s guitar pick


Josh Klinghoffer’s guitar pick

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Minimalist Songs

I want answers to questions no one can provide.

Satisfaction that no one can give.

As a human I am left to mourn and be forlorn

Red Hot Chili Peppers performing in Milan, Italy. Feb 02, 2003. © Sarah Lee

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Under The Bridge [Guitar Master Track]
John Frusciante

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- John, dogs are better than cats 

- John, come back to chili peppers

- Your synths and drum machines suck

- John, there are only 3 dimensions 

-OHM’s better that Californication


Some of the rhcp memes I found in my gallery. Thank goodness these exist.


I wasn’t meant to save you. But I very well could have. I could’ve been your brave little boy. I could’ve been your hero. I know it. You fought it. That’s why went I saw you you were shaking. I did not think to check on you. Hug you like a true son would have. I simply left you on your own. I didn’t know that the last words you’d hear from me would be asking for a soda. I could have saved you. And beyond that lies the past five months in a realm of possibilities.

Why couldn’t I?
No matter what fate had in store for me. No matter what would’ve happened anyway. I will always feel like less of a person because of this. My attempts at CPR didn’t save you because they came too late. I can’t imagine how that would you. Bringing you back from death. Just like I couldn’t imagine how it’d feel losing you to death. Your heart stopped and mine broke.

I was such an asshole. You were so supportive. I was rebellious. You were accepting.

No amount if time nor possessions will cure this. No friend nor person can make anything better. This is the guilt I live with. Absolve me of my burden, and eventually my life so I may be with the family again. I miss you mommy. I really do.


Josh and sunn


Josh and sunn

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